Friday, August 22, 2014

Week 33

Welcome to week 33!!!

Dear little sweet, innocent, 4 pound, 17 inch baby - all comfy in your mommas belly, with your little fists all balled up, trying to Chuck Norris punch your way out of the womb.

This week is mostly you packing on the pounds, and filling up that sweet little body with fat. ( go on get chubby- its cute on babies! ) .

Your bones are getting harder but not really fusing together- it will make it easier for you to come out when you're ready.  You're definately utilizing as much space as possible in my belly. I still love you, and love watching you move around.

We went to the doctor, and you are measuring perfect. The doctor is very happy with whatever it is that you and I are doing together. Your heartbeat is nice and strong, and we get to go back in another 2 weeks to get to check in on you.  You were nice enough at this appointment to give the doctor a few kicks. Your Papaw Ed thinks that youre gonna be a whopping 18 pounds at birth- that was his scientific determination after tonights phone call.  He really makes me laugh. Thats always a good thing, I cant wait til you meet him.

I love you Wiggles McGiggles,
Momma <3

One last thing....

I sure hope

that you dont look...

like the rest of 

your family. 

( something similar to this )

love your momma... ( my photo below ) 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

32 Weeks

Greetings Youngin'!

This week you're about 16.7" inches long and about 3 3/4 pounds. What a biggun'.

You have been taking up quite a bit of space and I am so very sorry that the rest of your stay within me will be quite cramped. Feel free to pout your cute little lips up and try to not like it. You do still have fun in there because I feel you kicking around like crazy and Im loving every minute of it.

Your body has now formed complete fingernails, and toenails ( please dont claw yourself or anyone else up) and you have REAL HAIR- ( I bet you have more than papaw) . I do wonder what your hair will be like, will it be curly, wavy, straight, thick or thin, red, brown, blonde, or black?  Will you have any hair at all?  Who knows.. who knows.. only time will tell and I am glad to be patient and wait for my little surprise.

Your body is also smoothing out, all those wrinkles are filling up with fat ( thats really the best way to fight any wrinkles no matter your age if you ask any old person). That fat will help keep your little body warm and cuddly for the times that Im not holding you close.

As far as your momma goes, the only things that bother me are the increasing heat of summer. Its really, really, really, really hot. So hot its uncomfortable. I sweat in unmentionable places, and according to your uncle Alan, this place rates very high on the CSI ( crotch sweat index- measured by how many times a day you need to change your underwear because its so dang hot outside). I get short of breath because your growth presses against my diaphragm so my lungs dont fully expand to their greatest capacity- but believe me, all this is worth it.  you are worth it little love bug. Dont you ever think anything else.

I cant wait until next week, we have another doctors appointment to see how youre growing.

I love you jelly bean
Momma <3

giggly momma
 Some happy flowers I bought for the house... 

 its 32 weeks... this is about as official as it gets.

and then here's your dad at 32 weeks... looks like he's handling it pretty well.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

31 Weeks

More Pictures Coming soon....

Hey there little wiggle worm! We have entered and survived week 31. We are 9 weeks away from our tentative due date.
This week you should 
Weigh in: over 3 pounds. 
Measure: around 17-18 inches long

Thats a whole lot of growing going on in there. No wonder your mommy is so tired.  about 2-3 inches in length in one week.  You will be packing on the pounds pretty much from here on out. 

Other important things going on with your body this week. Your kidneys and bladder are functioning in full effect. Thats crazy. Youre producing about 2 cups of urine a day, while my body will change that out and replace it all day and night long. Dont worry I would never leave you in your own squalor. This ( continued from last week ) is one reason why I am so thirsty. I keep taking fluid in to change it out for you. 

Your body is starting to relax and get more hours of sleep in my belly. I can tell when you are sleeping and when youre active and awake. I think we've got a schedule of you nap until after I have breakfast, you give me baby high fives or victory jabs for eating ( when i eat, that means you eat ) you go back to sleep until around 12-1 pm jostle me around and we eat then. You nap again for a good long while and wake up just in time for dinner and stay active for a few hours until about an hour after I am ready and lay down for the night. 
Also, your brain is working overtime these days. You are developing and fine tuning  all the connections for your nervous system. Your brain can now process the information & signals that the rest of your body is now sending. From any of your five senses, to your eyes having the ability to track light. Youre doing it on your own baby!! Way to grow wiggle worm! ( I'll admit, some nights i take the flash light on my phone and shine it down on my belly and get you squirming from side to side. )  
You also have the ability to "pedal" your hands and feet. So go ahead, I dont mind you trying out your body parts. You've not hurt me yet. 

You're making faces, hiccuping, swallowing, breathing, and its all on your own. 

I am so very very proud of you wiggles. Keep it up! Your daddy and I are getting really excited to meet you. 

I love you more than you'll ever know. 

Momma <3

Week 30

Hey there Baby!
How are you doing in there little love muffin? This week you're at it again. Yep, you're growing.

You Measure: about 15.7" inches long
You Weigh: about 3 pounds ( about the weight and size of a head of cabbage... mmm cabbage! ) 

Only about a pint and a half of amniotic fluid surrounds you these days- that amount will start shrinking soo as you start packing on the pounds, getting fatter ( its okay you're going to look fine ) and shedding the lanugo. I  can definitely tell you've been doing some growing in the weight department, it feels like there is a brick in my belly.  I know the fluid has been less and less, while my body changes it out constantly, so youre not drinking and eating your own waste, I get extremely thirsty. Its not anything for me to down a liter of water in about 4 minutes. ( yeah I timed myself at work one day ). Your eyesight has continued to develop, but things will still be pretty blurry for a while. Your vision will typically be something like most newborns, along the lines of 20/400. Thats pretty bad, and you'd need a few pairs of coke bottle bottomed glasses. It will get better though. Dont worry, this is common for most babies and gets better with time. Here's a plus, you wont be operating any heavy machinery. You'll be my little "Magoo" and I'll lead and carry you wherever we need to go. Youre just kicking away and rolling around in there and growing- Not much else to report on for this week. 
i love you much more than you'll ever know love bug.

Momma <3 

The view from up top.

looks like Ive had one too many ice creams

check out my cool racing stripe ( scar ) .. im not ashamed of it at all. its there for a good reason.

smoochie smoochie for our baby!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

29 Weeks

Greetings my cute little goblin!! We have made it through a full 29 weeks of pregnancy. As each day draws closer, I get more and more excited to meet you. This week you have been full of yourself with all kinds of moving about; flutters, jabs, punches and kicks. I can definitely tell you have been bulking up. Are you taking 'Weight gain 3000? - BEEFCAKE!!" I sure do  love you little whopper; go ahead and keep on growing, Im just as anxious as everyone else is to meet you. But please take all the time you need to finish growing and doing what your body and mother nature need you to do. Its important that you don't arrive early and please please don't arrive too late.

You Measure : about 15 1/2 to 17 " inches long WOW that's almost a foot and a half long!
You Weigh : about 2.5 to almost 3 pounds ( yeah I can really feel it now- especially when im sleeping.)

** In other words, you're roughly about the size of a butternut squash**

This week has been a good week for us both. Momma thinks that she may have found someone to take care of you while she works ( although, she would stay at home with you every day if she had her choice and the opportunity to spend that time with you). The lady's name is Debbie. Momma thought that Debbie was a very nice lady, and has lots of experience, she is certified with the state, and CPR certified. She also takes care of about 3-4 other small children and has been keeping kids for many many years. Debbie seems like she would be capable of taking very good care of you while your momma is working. Keep praying that this will work out for us both.

Fun things for us this week ( well mostly for your mommy ) : Momma hopefully gets to meet your pediatrician ( doctor). The office they work for comes highly recommended and they seem like they have their act together. Also, Momma gets to start taking classes to learn how to better care for you once you are born. - I am sure that I would do a great job, but you can never learn enough, -always seize the opportunity to learn. You'll make me very proud one day. So take it from me, don't be a lazy baby. -
  This should be an adventure for us both sweet baby. Your momma is going to promise to do her very best for you always.

Im going to keep this weeks note short and sweet, this week I am tired and need a nap.

I love you sweet sweet baby, take care and keep on growing

xoxoxo Momma <3